Nicky Nook and Grize Dale
Weather :- Overcast but warm

Total distance 5.1 miles, height ascended approx 500', time taken 2 hours


Accompanied by Sam

This was a plan B walk today. Plan A was a circuit of some of the hills around the trough of Bowland including Clougha Pike and Grit Fell but my plans had to be revised when a) I woke up late b) with a hangover and c) when I eventually reached my intended start point I was confronted with CRoW signs saying "No Dogs" ! Next to a CRoW access point information board there was another sign showing a map of the area with colour coded blocks. Basically the whole area that I wanted to walk around was included in this ban on dogs. I can only presume that it has something to do with the Grouse shooting, to say I was a bit frustrated is an understatement, Sam looked a bit miffed as well as he had to stay in the car while I read the sign!

With only a printed map from MM of the area I was walking I had to think of another walk that I knew well enough not to need a map. It did not take long to come up with one, an old fave that I first did with my grandparents called Nicky Nook near Scorton. For years I always called the walk Nicky Nook but it was not until earlier this year when I last did the walk that I realized that Nicky Nook is the name of the fell between Scorton Village and the valley of Grize Dale and it's reservoir, I always thought that Grize Dale was Nicky Nook if you know what I mean. In fact it was until earlier this year that I have walked up Nicky Nook, all previous walks just involved walking up the valley to the reservoir and back apart from one occasion when I pushed a pram with Charlotte in it all the way around using the road that skirts half of the fell, that was hard work! This time I was going to park the car at the far end of the valley near Fell End Farm and walk into the valley, up and over Nicky Nook and then around to the start of the valley and back along it to the car.

When I arrived at the end of the road near Fell End Farm I let Sam out of the car and tied him to the tow bar while I prepared myself, he was not happy and made his displeasure known by barking at me. This seemed to amuse a group of walkers who stood there at the road junction talking about the map and where they were. I had the impression that this was one of those organised walk led by a Wyre Borough Ranger as they seemed to take an age discussing what they could see and trying to relate that to the map and where they wanted to go, I could have offered some advice but decided that this might annoy them slightly so I left them too it! I think that the give away was the fact that all apart from one had on full waterproofs, gaiters and new looking rucksacs, boy, how warm must they have felt! Joking aside this is a great service that for a couple of quid can get people out and about in some great countryside and introduce tham to map reading and walking in general, perhaps I should suggest to Sarah about doing one as she still struggles to figure out which is the top or bottom of a map!

Along the farm tracks In Holme Wood
Heading up towards Nicky Nook looking back down to Grizedale Resevoir
Further upwards The summit comes into view
Sam at the Trig Point Looking South towards Barnacre Resevoir
Looking East towards the Bleasdale Moors Looking North East to Grizedale Head and Greave Clough Head
The Tarn Sam heading down
It's this way slow coach ! The resevoir
Heading down towards the road from the reservoir
Sam waiting for someone to open the gate Along the road below Nicky Nook
heading down into Grize Dale The path alongside Grizedale Brook
The path through the deligtfull valley of Grize Dale
Grize Dale Sam has a paddle / swim
Nicky Nook Part of the waterworks
Further along Grizedale Grizedale Resevoir
The GPS track log from todays walk